Tux Paint Stamps

Add-on title that enables browsing of stamps that children love


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  • Category Kids' Games
  • License Free (gpl)
  • Version 2009-06-28
  • Size 40.48 MB
  • Works under Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000
  • Language English
  • Program by Tux4Kids

Tux Paint Stamps is an addition to the fun, free painting software that has conquers hearts and minds since its release. Tux Paint is a free drawing and painting programme, sophisticated enough for older, skilled users but simple and easy enough for beginners to try out, getting to grips with digital art and using programmes all at once.

Tux Paint was originally designed to be Linux' answer to Microsoft's Paint, hence the use of Tux the Penguin, Linux' mascot, in the title and on the logo. It rapidly gained popularity and was released across more platforms, with updates and expansion packs adding to the fun of the programme.

Tux Paint offers a canvas, colour palette, range of tools – from pencils to paints to erasers, information menus and the option to save pictures that have been created. It is very easy to save and close work, as well as re-open to continue working on it. Upon opening the programme a list of small thumb-nail images show the last pictures that were saved or worked on, enabling them to be opened with a click.

There are advanced drawing tools which include various shapes and filters that can be laid over pictures, but it also includes a comprehensive range of stamps. Tux Paint Stamps adds over eight hundred stamp images to the files, giving the user huge choice when it comes to creating full and comprehensive images. Using just stamps means that a beautiful picture can be laid out without the artist needing to worry about wobbling lines and colouring outside of the lines, so to speak.

Tux Paint is excellent for children, and has been mentioned several times as being an excellent free source of painting and drawing software in magazines and school publications. Older users will also enjoy getting to grips with the fine details achievable making it easy to produce beautiful and precise renderings of their art works.


  • Fun free drawing and painting software
  • Suitable for all ages from very young to the elderly
  • Easy to use tools, comprehensive colour palette, detailed instructions if needed
  • Plenty of stamps to adorn pictures
  • Available on a lot of platforms, having started as Linux only


  • None known
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